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A Family Focused Approach

A Family Focused Approach

A large number on a piece of paper is not the goal.  Making life more enjoyable, however you define it, is the goal.

For more than 35 years we have been focused on helping families with their finances, providing the confidence for you to simply focus on enjoying life.  Isn't that what it is all about?

At New Horizons, family is the driving force, and enjoying life the focus.  Investments, insurance, cash flow - these are all just tools to allow you to achieve what you actually want to do in your life. 

Retirement is not an end goal, it is reaching the start of the ultimate journey - time to focus everyday on the things that will maximize your enjoyment in life.

The Enjoy More Blueprint<sup>TM</sup>

The Enjoy More Blueprint is our proprietary 4 step planning approach focused on the goals you have in living life. 

It is holistic, comprehensive, and designed specifically for two types of family situations:

Young Professional Families - Enjoy More 30sTM

  • Focus: Flexibility, Protection, and Creating Wealth
  • Ideal Fit: Families becoming established in their careers who, early on, want to be on the right track financially - allowing freedom from worry so they can maximize family enjoyment with their children.
  • Income: 125k+ of Household Income

Families 10 Years from Retirement - Enjoy More 50sTM

  • Focus: Retirement Enjoyment & Security
  • Ideal Fit: Families in the peak of their working years, with enough time before retirement to make significant improvements to their situations - allowing freedom in retirement to enjoy life exactly how they desire.
  • Income: 200k+ of Household Income
Podcast: Enjoy More 30s - Family Finance

Podcast: Enjoy More 30s - Family Finance

Home of the only podcast specifically made for young families, teaching the Enjoy More Blueprint process.


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This means we have to put your needs ahead of our own.  Yes, everyone should have to work this way.


We are not tied to any one product or service company, so we have the freedom to use whatever product best fits your situation.


We are compensated by an ongoing management fee on the assets with us.  Accounts go up in value, we are both happy.  Accounts go down in value, we get less of an income.  We both have the same goal.

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