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🦇This U.S. State Has a 7-story Cave!

🦇This U.S. State Has a 7-story Cave!

October 11, 2023


🌍 Discover the underground world of Missouri's caves, including the iconic Meramec Caverns, home to rare formations and rich history. #CaveExploration #Missouri #MeramecCaverns

🍁 Fall is the perfect time to visit, as you can enjoy the vibrant colors of Missouri's maples, ashes, hickories, and oaks above ground. #FallColors #NatureTrail

🏞️ Explore the Natural Wonders Trail in Meramec State Park, passing by several caves before reaching the magnificent Meramec Caverns. #StatePark #NatureTrail

🌌 Delve into the largest cave west of the Mississippi, where you'll witness impressive formations and learn about its fascinating historical significance, from its use by the Osage Nation to its role in the Underground Railroad. #HistoricalCave #UndergroundWorld

💃 Immerse yourself in the cave's unique past, from being a party destination in the 1890s to discovering the largest single cave formation in the world and evidence of Jesse James' infamous train robbery. #CaveHistory #LegendaryTales

🔦 Guided tours are available daily, led by trained rangers who will unveil the wonders and stories hidden within the seven levels of caves. #GuidedTours #CaveExploration

🏕️ Extend your adventure with a stay at the Meramec Cavern complex, offering a campground, motel, zip line, climbing wall, and riverboat tours for a complete experience. 

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