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🏺Tens of thousands of ancient coins found off Sardinia!🪙

🏺Tens of thousands of ancient coins found off Sardinia!🪙

November 14, 2023


🔍🌊🏺 An incredible discovery has been made off the coast of Sardinia, where tens of thousands of ancient bronze coins were found!

🔹 The coins, dating from the first half of the fourth century, were spotted by a diver who alerted authorities.

🔹 The culture ministry's undersea archaeology department and art protection squad were involved in the recovery.

🔹 The exact number of coins is still being determined, but estimates range from 30,000 to 50,000! 😲

🔹 Notably, all the coins were in an excellent and rare state of preservation. 🏛️

Luigi La Rocca, a Sardinian archaeology department official, said this find represents "one of the most important coin discoveries" in recent years.

With the location and shape of the seabed, there could be remains of a shipwreck nearby!🌍🔬🌟

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