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🏈🏆NFL considers eliminating hip-drop tackles and more!

🏈🏆NFL considers eliminating hip-drop tackles and more!

October 23, 2023


🏈 The NFL is considering eliminating the hip-drop tackle and will review the so-called "tush push" in the offseason.
💥 The "tush push," a successful play used by the Philadelphia Eagles, has been legal since 2005. However, the hip-drop tackle increases the risk of injury by 25 times the rate of a standard tackle.
🤝  The league is gathering data and conducting a study on the hip-drop tackle to make a determination. The NFL's competition committee discussed potentially banning the "tush push" but didn't come up with a rule.
🔒 The use of Guardian caps in training camps has led to a seven-year low in concussions among players who wore them.
💡 The NFL is looking to incorporate what they've learned from the Guardian cap into better helmet design for player safety.

We'll have to see if this is the last season for the hip-drop tackle or if the maneuver is here to stay.

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