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🎨Celebrate the life of Françoise Gilot

🎨Celebrate the life of Françoise Gilot

June 12, 2023

🎨 Celebrate the life of Françoise Gilot, a prolific painter known for her remarkable talent and courageous spirit.

🔥 Gilot's legacy extends beyond her tumultuous relationship with Picasso, as she produced awe-inspiring art for over half a century.

💔 Despite leaving Picasso, Gilot's independence and determination shaped her artistic journey and propelled her to create remarkable works.

📚 Discover her captivating story in the acclaimed book "Life with Picasso" and delve into the complexities of their bond.

💥 Gilot's art evolved continuously, reflecting her fearless approach to life and her unwavering commitment to her true self.

✨ Join us in honoring her artistic brilliance and the legacy she leaves behind. Rest in peace, Françoise Gilot. 

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