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🌳🏰Ancient Pilgrimage Route in Rural England

September 06, 2023


🚶‍♀️ Discover the magic of an ancient pilgrimage route in rural England 🌳🏰

🌿 Join a multi-day walk through Marshwood Vale in West Dorset, organized by the British Pilgrimage Trust.

🎶 Immerse yourself in nature and heritage, communing with sanctified places along the way.

🌄 Traverse charming villages, wild landscapes, and even a 14th-century pub.

📚 Explore paths once traveled by smugglers, pilgrims, and cattle drovers.

🗣️ Engage in therapeutic walking and talking, connecting with fellow pilgrims.

🍻 Quench your thirst at the historic Shave Cross Inn, where monks once came to have their heads shorn.

⛪️ Visit the Cathedral of the Vale and experience the tranquility of Saint Wite's shrine.

🙏 Embrace the ritual and continuum of pilgrimage, finding unexpected peace in ancient spaces.

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